Europe May 2001

A whistle stop tour of Europe involved crossing from Newcastle to Ijmuden in Holland, travelling through Germany and spending a couple of days in Switzerland. The homeward journey saw us blasting through France, Belgium and Luxembourg before landing back in Holland. Over 3000 miles in 7 days did not leave a lot of time for photos and on top of that the camera chewed a film losing us over 40 photographs. 

Malcolm bike Windmill IJmuden.jpg (86609 bytes) Fiona bike Windmill IJmuden.jpg (87467 bytes) Bike at Lucerne.jpg (71685 bytes)

Malcolm & bike in IJmuden

Fiona & bike in Ijmuden

Bike at Lake Lucerne

Above Lucerne.jpg (121497 bytes) Lake Lucerne.jpg (79776 bytes) Lake Lucerne 2.jpg (72513 bytes)
Above Lake Lucerne Lake Lucerne Lake Lucerne 2
Lucerne bridge.jpg (115145 bytes) Lucerne.jpg (91739 bytes) Lucerne 2.jpg (95405 bytes)
Lucerne Old bridge in Lucerne Lucerne 2

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